Friday, May 2, 2014

Prince Privilege

Once upon a time, there was a really big, really strong prince.

He stood taller than everyone else in the kingdom, had big strong arms and massive feet. He liked to wear thick heavy boots when he went out so he could ride out into the forest or do something heroic and princely at a moment's notice.

He genuinely loved his people and wanted to be good to them, but sometimes he noticed how they acted hurt or upset around him.

Then one day, as he paraded through the marketplace someone shouted "HEY, watch where you're walking BOZO! You stepped on my foot!"

No one had ever dared to speak to the prince this way, and he was taken aback and his feelings were hurt. He had been stepping on feet all this time but because of his strength and status no one before had ever spoken out to him about it.

Now, the prince never meant to step on any feet, and he can't help that he was born a prince or grew really big. And no one had ever told him to look where he was going before so how could he have known?

But that doesn't make stepping on feet a good thing to do. And it doesn't make it not the prince's responsibility to avoid stepping on feet. And it doesn't make the prince the injured party in the incident where he's called out on it.

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